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Logistics Truck

United Logistic Solutions

  • Provide optimized supply chain solutions:
    • Logistics: Receiving, Storage & Handling, and Shipping.
    • Domestic Distribution: LTL, FedEx/UPS, and Bay Area local delivery.
    • Order fulfillment: Labeling, Unit pick & pack, and Re-palletize.
    • Light Production: Kitting & Assembly, Repairing, Refurbishing, and
    • Returns Management: Testing, RMA, and Advance shipment.
    • Quality control: QA and Inspection.
    • Security: 24 hours Fire/Burglar Alarm connect to Fire/Police department.
    • Just in time inventory control: Bar coding/scanning, Serialized tracking, EDI link to Oracle, and Online balance check and download.

  • Company website:  www.united-us.com
  • Contact:  larry.lai@united-us.com

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