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Management Team


Vic Cheung - President & CEO
Email: vic.cheung@apexshipping.com

Tim Saling - Executive Vice President
Email: tim.saling@apexshipping.com

Kurt McElory - Executive Vice President
Email: kurt.mcelroy@apexshipping.com

Kevin Bulger - Vice President of Operations
Email: kevin.bulger@apexshipping.com

Sheung Chan - Chief Financial Officer
Email: sheung.chan@apexshipping.com 

Paul Lin - General Manager of Air freight
Email: paul.lin@apexshipping.com

James Chu - General Manager of Ocean Freight
Email: james.chu@apexshipping.com

Southern China (PRS Region)

Cecilia Tse - Vice President, Hong Kong
Email: cecilia.tse@apexshipping.com.hk

Eastern China (PRE Region)

Hali Huang - General Manager, Shanghai
Email: hali.huang@apexshipping.com.cn

Northern China (PRN Region)

Frank Song - General Manager, Qingdao
Email: frank.song@apexshipping.com.cn

South East Asia (SEA Region)

Thikarn Supawirachbuncha - Managing Director
Email: thikarn@apexshipping.com.th

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