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10+2 Frequently Asked Questions

When does Import Security Filing (ISF) become effective?
January 26, 2009

Who is ultimately responsible for supplying the ISF data US Customs?
The ISF (importer security filing) importer needs to ensure compliance. 
What are the 10 items needed to be supplied by the ISF importer?
                1. Importer of record number
2. Consignee number
3. Seller (Owner) name/address
4. Buyer (Owner) name/address
5. Ship to Party
6. Manufacturer (Supplier) name/address
7. Country of origin
8. Commodity HTS-6
9. Container Stuffing location
               10. Consolidator name/address
            For exact description of these above items please go to website www.apexshipping.com and click on the “10+2” items required. 
            Items 9 & 10 can be submitted 24 hours prior to vessel arrival if the information isn’t available prior to vessel loading. 
What are the 2 additional items which the carrier needs to supply?
1. Vessel stow plans.
2. Container status messages.
When does US Customs require this information be submitted?
24 hours prior to loading the container onto the carrier’s USA bound mother vessel.
Who will submit this information to US Customs?
Customers can choose either their logistics provider or US customs broker.  Ocean carriers won’t be submitting the ISF items. 
Is Apex prepared to submit this data to Customs?           
Our IT provider has already been approved by US Customs on January 9, 2009.  Plus our staff has been properly trained to input the data to US Customs.  
What does Apex need to proceed to submit the data for the ISF importer?
1) Customer will need to have a power of attorney in place with Apex. 
2) A continuous or single entry bond in place with US Customs. 
3) Provide the “10” items to Apex 32 hours prior to container being loaded onboard the carrier’s USA bound mother vessel.
Are there any fees associated with this?
Apex will charge an ISF fee of USD $25 per bill of lading if requested to submit the data on behalf of the importer.  There will be an amendment fee of USD$25 for any changes after original submission.
Does the customer need a new continuous bond with US Customs?
Customer’s continuous bonds will be updated to cover this new requirement.  Customs is working on approving single entry bonds which will need to be in place 24 hours prior to vessel loading.
Is there a penalty if the customer doesn’t submit these “10” items?
For the 1st year US Customs will not be assessing liquidated damages.  Starting on January 26, 2010 US Customs will be assessing a USD $5,000 for non compliance.
Why not just wait until US Customs starts assessing liquidated damages?
If the customer has a good track record for submitting the data in 2009, US Customs has promised to work with them on any potential non compliance penalties in 2010.  If the customer didn’t submit the data in 2009 they will enforce the full penalty of USD$5,000 per shipment for non compliance.   
If the customer imports via Vancouver or Prince Rupert do they need to submit the ISF data?
Is this also required for my air shipments?
Can I use a DUNS number to provide information to Customs?
Yes Customs will accept DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) for providing information on the seller, buyer, manufacturer, ship to party, container stuffing location, consolidator name, booking party. 

Where can I can more information about this program?     
Contact your local Apex sales or customer service representative or email info@apexshipping.com

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